About us

Whiteam was founded in 1998 as a specific service companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. In 2005 acquires a company that focuses on the production of special refrigeration units of small and medium power. Drawing on its experience in delivering services, consolidates and extends the offer of this type of product. Under the pressure of requests from its customers, in 2007 he started the production of high-efficiency heat pumps. Early versions are already equipped with what would later become the COMPOUND technology. The range gradually develops and 2010 is presented LANCE family. In 2013 comes the COMPOUND series, which consolidates the best of the developed technology and experience gained in the field.

Whiteam is a team of passionate and committed people, who everyday delve into the issues of the industry and know how to be proactive with innovative approaches and solutions. Be proactive facilitates the creation of new opportunities and allows you to work on a broader horizon.

Whiteam is distinguished by a unique approach. Analyze together with our customers the problems encountered every day and propose effective solutions that anticipate the times, allow you to make a significant added value to projects. Continuous research aimed at improving our solutions has meant that over time have been established relationships with engineers and installers. Our partners help us constantly improve the product and in turn make use of the advantage of being able to offer their customers the cutting edge proposals and increasingly high level.

Whiteam guarantees its customers and partners a direct line. It is very important to be able to always rely on the direct manufacturer support. Let availability of our application expertise to recommend and always solve and quickly even in complex situations..

Whiteam exceeds the limits derived from the logic of the market: the sale is not for us a point of arrival but a point of departure. We feel an integral part of our service to invest our time to give support to our customers during the design, installation and commissioning of the plants.