Switch from product to solution requires careful consideration of the needs and a natural tendency to research and development of innovative solutions.

Whiteam is a team of enthusiastic and committed people, who every day analyze the sector's issues and know how to be proactive with innovative approaches and solutions that anticipate the times.

Bring the greatest contribution possible to the projects of our customers, working closely together, it means that they can take a significant competitive advantage.


Since 2005 Whiteam devoted its greater commitment to the realization of multipurpose heat pumps with exclusive COMPOUND technology.

It is specifically designed reversible heat pumps for heating and cooling buildings as well as for the production of domestic hot water (DHW). They are suitable for both residential and commercial uses. The thermal power range is from 12 to 600 kW.
The COMPOUND heat pumps are units with unique characteristics. Besides being able to be effectively used in standard installations, they are specifically designed to provide a significant advantage in all situations where flexibility is a key factor. The increasingly intensive search for a real energy advantage, has as a logical consequence the realization of climate systems that use specific and sometimes complex solutions, which in turn require great adaptability of the main heat source. Because this is, ultimately, the difference between getting a modest energy advantage and a great result.
Another important element of distinction of COMPOUND heat pumps is the attention to overall system performance. The average energy advantage is the result of summing the individual benefits that you can get over the whole period considered. Many of these are low when assessed individually, but the overall result is given by the sum of which produces a significant difference. The COMPOUND units feature an innovative management system, which through continuous monitoring demands on the user side and availability toward the source side (jointly evaluated), optimizes the operation of the unit at all times.