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When we think to our Heat Pumps we naturally imagine them already active into the customer plant. This is why we attach great importance to the work of presale, through which we give the opportunity to our customers to evaluate and choose the most suitable service to cover their needs.

Unlike traditional systems, the use of a heat pump poses really advantageous opportunities. Getting good results is not complicated and can be very helpful advice from those who have solved so many different situations in order to obtain the best result. This wealth of significant experience, that we provide, is one of our greatest strengths, appreciated in all circumstances.

Whiteam has always stood out for its facilities, to give support to engineers and installers in selecting the best application solution. The choice of a heat pump does ends with the determination of a heat requirement, but it is natural conclusion of an analysis of plant needs and the availability of exchange with the environment. The real energy benefit is the sum of the individual benefits that you can get overall the whole period considered. Many of these individual advantages are low when assessed individually, but the overall result is given by the sum of which produces a significant difference.

We know our machines because we have designed and built them. We've placed inside plant engineers and we have optimized the yields in real applications projects. This is why we are the best candidates to provide the right information, help achieve the goals and to get a result above expectations.

Our service is on two levels:

Presale services

Project consulting. To Evaluate along with the enineer and installer the solution more suited each plant is different situation.

Applications consulting. Optimize the installation and its components in order to get the best possible result.

Consulting of installation. Our place in an appropriate manner unit and integrate better with the rest of the system, advising and verifying the proper installation.

After sales services

Start-up and apparatus testing. The first start-up is crucial moment and we want to give the maximum support to our customers During this delicate phase, through monitoring and verifying every single operation.

Telassistance. Not just a remote service, but a real units networking. Allowing the full operation such as if you are in front of them. SMS alerts for alarms and warnings allow you to be always updated promptly On any trouble.

Preventive care. Make inspection is an investment That Guarantees a long life more to units and containment of sudden outlays due to an extraordinary interventions. A small insurance for not having concerns.

Sudden assistance. Unfortunately sometimes something's wrong to towards the right and the technician must intervene away. Through our diagnostic system we can understand earlier and better what the problem is and resolve in a timely manner.