COMPOUND technology

COMPOUND system is a unique feature of the WhiTeam Heat Pumps. This innovative technology is designed to combine different sources of heat on the source side and to harmonize them according to various criteria designed to achieve maximum effectiveness.

The purpose of the system is to use at best the different characteristics of each heat source, in relation to different plant applications. The search for the energy advantage means first of all seize the highest possible return at any time. It is easy to imagine that the intelligent use of heat sources is worth far more than any other expedient since, in fact, from them we extract the average 3/4 of the energy that we use. It is certainly important to work on the approach value of a heat exchanger, but it is easy to see that the gain can be a small fraction compared to the use of appropriate exchange sources.

For simplicity we reduce to three types of sources:

  • Geothermal
  • Hydrothermal
  • Aerothermic




Thermal stability

Installation cost

Stable efficiency

Well availability

Low maintenance



High efficiency

Installation cost




Source availability



Discontinuous efficiency





The COMPOUND system AIMS to reach the benefits of "green" to each source and to eliminate or restrict the "red disadvantages" and is based on the realization of an application balanced system of availability and assessment of the aspects "yellow".

Anche se si tende ad associare a un singolo impianto su una singola fonte di calore, si deve riconoscere che questo approccio è riduttivo. Potrebbe essere fornita problemi di costo, ma in realtà la differenza dovuta alla realizzazione di un sistema multi-source è minima, e comunque con un rapido ritorno.

And what actually prevents to take the innovative approach represented by multi-source? Basically nothing, apart from having the right tools and the need for appropriate design.

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