COMPOUND system is a unique feature made by WHITEAM, that can use different types of  source side (normally water and air) combining them in search of maximum efficiency.

COMPOUND units are multivalent heat pumps for heating and cooling water and glycol solutions in applications for civil, commercial and industrial conditioning.

COMPOUND units can have 2 or 4 primary water connections, referring to 2 different hydraulic circuits for 2- or 4-pipe systems, respectively.

In addition they offer the option of having 2 additional separate hydraulic connections for independent production of domestic hot water, generated in full-time recovery mode and modular recovery in the winter phase.

The COMPOUND heat pumps in the AQUA version (4 tubes) equipped with the remote air exchanger (AIR option) are in fact multifunctional units and can be effectively applied in all situations where contemporary production is required hot water and cold water.
If one of the two requests is met, excess energy is automatically discharged by the remote exchanger and service to the active user is always guaranteed. Adjustment also allows you to switch mode mode, from a refrigerator heat pump, and vice versa, dynamically. Through this system the winter / summer inversion can be automated.
At summer time, the unit performs total heat recovery to the ACS, ensuring a high energy saving.