Version, options and accessories

The choice of COMPOUND heat pumps is the starting point for the plant and its features.
By assessing plant-side requirements and availability on the source side, you can determine the most appropriate configuration.

Available versions are:

Due to the particular engineering of the COMPOUND heat pumps, the AQUA and BRINE versions, it is possible to connect a remote air exchanger, thus making the respective COMPOUND configurations.

Another important criterion of choice is obviously the capacity required for the unit. To determine the correct capacity, refer to the "Design Guidelines" in the "Technical Guide". The COMPOUND units are grouped into three families (STEP), which are distinguished by type of construction and consequently for power output.

The capacities available for each STEP are indicated by a number that recalls the nominal capacity of the unit.


COMPOUND heat pumps can be provided with options extending their functionality. Options can be combined with all versions and are comfortably available.