Dedicated applications

Our units have an extraordinary flexibility that is normally enough to cover any kind of need. However sometimes the needs are really specific and you have to consider a dedicated design. Our staff is organized to analyze along with you, every type of need, even the most complicated, and to realize dedicated units with truly competitive costs.

Ad hoc design is an investment and is designed to prevent plant projects from complicating acrobatics that typically cost considerably. In fact, we believe that the plant application does not necessarily have to adapt to the main source of energy. Inserting a plant-level work-around will complicate the life of the whole system, often leading to unsuitable compromise choices. The more a system is "clean" the less is subject to problems and the less it costs to keep it in service.

Here are some aspects we've worked on with excellent results:

  • Special applications resistant to corrosion of various types
  • Particular geometry of the machine
  • Commands, instrumentation and special electrical / electronic components
  • Install components (pumps, motors, compressors, tanks) with specific operating characteristics
  • Particular requirements for working temperature
  • Unique security features

Of course, in addition to colors and logos for your company ...

Whiteam also has excellent experience in specific areas:

  • Lavaggio industriale
  • Controlli ambientali
  • Laboratori di ricerca
  • Settore petrolchimico
  • Sistemi di controllo
  • Sistemi di processo e Macchine utensili