4+ : Four years warranty

Our Heat Pumps are always distinguished by the high flexibility, the construction quality, the added value provided to the plants and the high performance. From today we have added a new strength: serenity.

By choosing our equipment, now our customers can count on a 4 year warranty!

With proven reliability, we have added another good reason to prefer us.

How can we afford all this? Simple, we design our equipment thinking of unit that stand over time. We build them up carefully every step of the production process. Testing is then a fundamental step, where we remove the possibility of unwanted surprises.

Moreover, our electronic management system is far more than just a programmable control. Records and compares collected data to detect possible alterations to operating standards before they can compromise the operation of the unit.

The Whiteam Heat Pumps: The Innovative Solution That Now Makes The Difference In The Warranty!